Laundry Capabilities & Technology

Our washing machine components are designed with a wide range of customization options available to help provide reliable and innovative solutions that meet your exact needs.

Creating Components You Can Count On

We’re committed to helping you deliver comfort, convenience, efficiency, and safety.

Flush-to-edge glass finishes

Through the use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, we can create a sleek, flush-to-edge glass lid for front-load laundry units with greater accuracy, improved efficiency, and quicker assembly.

Advanced ceramic ink printing

Our proprietary ceramic ink allows us to print logos and other decorations on both the front and back of flat glass components without difficulty, and can even create dual designs with 3D image effects.

Built-in impact resistance

Our concrete counterweights are built to withstand and balance powerful spin cycles, preventing damage to other interior components and allowing the washing machine to function properly and efficiently.

End-to-End Capabilities & Support

Design & Engineering

We provide custom engineered solutions and product innovations designed to fit your exact application and requirements.

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Fabrication & Finishing

From raw material procurement to forming, welding, finishing, and more, we deliver products from concept to completion.

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Assembly & QA

Each component is built and meticulously tested for optimum performance, so you can rely on it time after time.

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Customer Support

We’re your partner through it all. From design to delivery, we work with you to proactively solve challenges and ensure a seamless process.

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Extend Your Capabilities

Learn more about how we can extend your laundry product offerings and capabilities by speaking with an engineer from our team.

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