Oven Control Panels

Oven Control Panels

Our oven control panels can be customized with ceramic ink printing and MetalLook accents to create modern oven interfaces that are easy to use and clean.

Sleek functionality at your fingertips

Our opaque, optical cover glass features a dead-front effect that creates an uncluttered, non-visible display when not in use, and an illuminated, visible display when backlit and in use.

High-quality glass provides a polished and sophisticated look, while being easy to clean and maintain over time.

Our glass control panels are customizable with our scratch-resistant ceramic ink, allowing for the printing of logos, display icons, and other glass decorations.

End-to-End Capabilities and Product Innovation

Dual Print Oven Control Panel Our dual print ceramic ink has the ability to create a haptic experience while maintaining high mechanical resistance on oven control panels.
Easy-Clean Technology Designed with usability in mind, our easy-clean technology makes spill cleanup a breeze while providing a scratch-resistant surface.
MetalLook Oven Control Panel Enjoy the appearance of metal but with the easy maintenance and scratch resistance of glass with our MetalLook technology.
“SSW is able to help you innovate in areas that you may not realize are deficient.”
- Quality Manager

Extend Your Capabilities

SSW is your end-to-end partner for glass component design advancement. Connect with an engineer from our team to discuss how we can help with your oven control panel needs.

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