Fan Guards & Grills

Fan Guards & Grills

Our fan guards and grills create a physical barrier around spinning fan blades, offering protection from accidental contact, all while reducing noise and improving airflow for HVAC systems.

High-Performance Safety

Fabricated and manufactured according to your required configurations for the perfect custom fit.

Available in a wide variety of protective finishes including chrome plating, zinc plating, and powder coating to prevent rust, oxidation, and corrosion and to provide a clean, cosmetic appearance.

Engineered to minimize noise while maximizing the flow of air to ensure effective cooling, heating, and ventilation.

End-to-End Capabilities and Product Innovation

Spiral Fan Guard Our spiral fan guards are built with a high-strength design to withstand high air speed temperatures consistently over time.
Framed Fan Guard Our framed fan guards are specifically designed to accommodate rectangular, block-style HVAC systems of all sizes.
Inlet Grill Our inlet grills, also known as coil guards, provide flexible coverage for your HVAC system and are designed with a high-quality design.
Hail Guard Grill Designed to protect against the elements, each hail guard grill is built using advanced welding for durability that endures.
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