Dishwasher Control Panels

Dishwasher Control Panels

Our dishwasher control panels offer the durability and reliability needed for home appliance interfaces, while also providing design flexibility that works with your unique requirements.

Lightening Your Load

Created to be flexible and sleek in design, we have the ability to incorporate printed control guides with a dead-front effect for elegant displays.

MetalLook technology can be added and customized to provide a stainless look or accent that also increases product durability and reduces cleaning time.

Our glass control panels help protect sensitive touch controls on the dishwasher door from water, heat, and chemical damage.

End-to-End Capabilities and Product Innovation

Dishwasher Control Panels Our dishwasher control panels provide a seamless user experience and an elevated appearance that helps lighten the load of daily chores.
Easy-Clean Technology Our innovative easy-clean technology makes spills and splatters easy to wipe away while providing a scratch-resistant surface for dishwasher interfaces.
MetalLook Panel For a sleek, metal-like look with all the benefits of glass, our dishwasher control panels can be customized with our MetalLook technology.
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Extend Your Capabilities

SSW is your end-to-end partner for glass component design advancement. Connect with an engineer from our team to discuss how we can help with your dishwasher control panel needs.

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