Our glass-ceramic cooktops provide an elevated, modern look and feel, while also minimizing cleanup effort and maintaining a flawless finish over time.

Easy-clean finish

Our signature coatings reduce the time and effort required for cleanup and help maintain a lasting shine and polished surface that lasts.

As experts in glass, our custom cooktop solutions are designed to withstand high temperature differences, as well as thermal shocks, delivering high performance where it’s needed most.

We institute and follow quality standards across all of our manufacturing plants, developing a customized and high-end solution that meets your needs and requirements.

End-to-End Capabilities and Product Innovation

Glass Cooktops Our glass cooktops provide a sleek, easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant surface for fuss-free maintenance and added elegance.
Cooktop Control Panels Our cooktop control panels provide an effortless user experience and easy-to-clean interface that stands the test of time.
Dual Print Cooktops Our innovative ceramic ink creates a haptic experience on glass cooktops while maintaining high mechanical resistance.
MetalLook Cooktops Our glass cooktops can be customized to give the appearance of metal while enhancing cleanability and scratch resistance.
“SSW proves themselves by how they respond to and fix problems as they arise.”
- Supply Chain Manager

Extend Your Capabilities

SSW is your end-to-end partner for glass component innovation. Connect with an engineer from our team to discuss how we can help with your glass cooktop needs.

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