Commercial Wire Shelving

Commercial Wire Shelving

Our commercial-grade wire shelving is engineered to stand up to tough refrigerated storage environments, all while providing superior air flow, adjustability, and a clean presentation.

Built to Withstand the Toughest Conditions

Custom-designed to your specific requirements for each application.

Available in a wide variety of finishes including powder coating, zinc and nickel plating, and self-cleaning porcelain enamel coating for long-lasting durability.

Engineered for comfort, accessibility, and ease of use. Whether you require slides, fixed installation, or more, we’ve got you covered.

End-to-End Capabilities and Product Innovation

Powder-Coated Wire Shelf Intended for both refrigerators and freezers, our wire shelving features next-generation finish coatings for superior durability, finish, and product visibility.
Triangle Wire Shelf Ideal for corners and tight spaces, our triangle wire shelf is designed to increase storage space and organization in difficult to reach areas.
“SSW differs from other vendors in the way they partner with us and help us problem-solve. They push us to improve.”
- Purchasing Supervisor

Extend Your Capabilities

SSW has been a pioneer in the commercial refrigeration industry for over 75 years. Connect with an engineer from our team to discuss how we can help with your commercial wire shelving needs.

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